Application Requirements

To apply to an Engineering@Vanderbilt program, you will need to submit a number of items prior to the final application deadline. Both the M.S. in computer science and M.Eng. in engineering management programs require the following application items:

  • Online Application
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose: One required statement of purpose and one optional personal statement
  • Letters of Recommendation: Three are required
  • No application fee is required
  • Test Scores: GRE test scores are required only for M.S. in computer science applicants. However, certain applicants may qualify for a GRE waiver. The M.Eng. in engineering management program does not require applicants to submit test scores.

Submitting Test Scores

If applying to the M.S. in computer science program, you will need to have your official GRE scores sent to Vanderbilt University, unless you qualify for a waiver. To qualify for a GRE waiver, you must

  • have completed an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field at least three years prior to the time of application, and
  • possess at least three years of relevant work experience in computer science or a related field after having completed your undergraduate degree program.

Submitting Transcripts

Copies of official transcripts from your previously attended colleges or universities are required to apply to Engineering@Vanderbilt programs. These are needed for the admissions committee to review your application and make an admission decision. If you are admitted, you will need to provide official copies of your transcripts prior to the start of classes.

Official transcripts should be mailed directly from your institutions’ registrar’s office. Have official transcripts mailed to:

Vanderbilt University
Application Processing Center
PO Box 30096 025-002
College Station, TX 77842

Please note: To be considered an official transcript, the transcript must be sent directly from your institution(s) or through an electronic transcript vendor retained by that institution. Transcripts submitted by enrolled or prospective students are considered unofficial documents, even if they are in a sealed envelope provided to you by the issuing university.

Institutions that use electronic transcript services can send your official transcript to

Statement of Purpose

To apply to an Engineering@Vanderbilt program, you are required to write a statement of purpose in response to the following prompt:

In a brief statement, outline your reasons for undertaking graduate study, your future plans, and any additional information that may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your relevant experiences and aptitude for graduate study at Vanderbilt University.

Admission Qualifications

M.S. in computer science: To qualify for admission to the online master’s in computer science program, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in computing, or a computing-related field in engineering or natural science, or hold a bachelor’s degree in another subject but have significant experience in computer science and programming.

Students are expected to have strong programming experience. Experience in at least one of the following computing languages is suggested: Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Objective C, Swift, C#, Kotlin, Clojure, Ruby, Haskell, or Scala.

M.Eng. in engineering management: To qualify for admission to the online master’s in engineering management program, you must hold an undergraduate degree in engineering or a STEM field, and it is preferred that you have at least two years of professional experience in a relevant position.

To learn more about Engineering@Vanderbilt programs and admissions requirements, contact our admissions team at or Phone Number: (855) 636-9877.

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