Earn Your Master of Science in Computer Science OnlineEarn Your Master of Science in Computer Science OnlineEarn Your Master of Science in Computer Science Online

Gain fundamental computer science knowledge and the critical thinking skills needed to become an innovative problem solver in today’s tech industry. Delivered through Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering, the online master of science in computer science offers a curriculum designed by expert Vanderbilt faculty, exposure to world-renowned research and entrepreneurship, and connections to a motivated community.

Jules White

“We’ve come up with a cohesive set of classes that will give you a body of knowledge needed to be relevant as a software engineer in today’s climate.”


Program Director

Advance as a Tech Professional with a Master’s in Computer Science

The M.S. in computer science program emphasizes the application of computer science and software engineering concepts while also covering a breadth of technical subject areas. Through interdisciplinary exploration, collaborative work and independent projects, you will gain the tools for solving complex computer science problems.

The program’s emphasis on hands-on learning will prepare you with in-demand skills that you can immediately apply to various technology careers.

Learn online in HD in live, weekly classes

Complete in as few as 12 months

Network with diverse classmates across the country

No GRE scores required to apply

Why Earn an M.S. in Computer Science Online from Vanderbilt?

As the #1 Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science according to Fortune, Vanderbilt provides an environment that will nurture your growth as a tech professional.1 Our program will offer you firsthand exposure to the latest developments in the field. As a student, you will become a member of a hardworking, bustling community that is influencing change in the real world, right now.

The Vanderbilt School of Engineering is a powerhouse for innovation in technology and interdisciplinary fields. Through leading research and entrepreneurial efforts, faculty and students continuously address important issues impacting society. Our online M.S. in computer science program allows students to implement new solutions and ways of thinking in communities around the world.

Vanderbilt Has The #1 Best Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science, According to Fortune Education 2022 Rankings1

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What Makes Vanderbilt One of the Most Innovative Universities?

Faculty-Driven Discoveries

School of Engineering faculty are experts in highly relevant and growing fields — many of them actively working on solving complex problems using tools they helped invent — and they share their knowledge directly with students in online classes. For example, our faculty are leading the charge in the development of cyber-physical systems, and even coined the term for these systems that provide the foundations for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet (II).

An Incubator for Research

You will also have the chance to explore technological problems and research in which Vanderbilt’s faculty is actively engaged. Current initiatives include the Institute for Software Integrated Systems, where researchers are writing the rules of modern security systems, and the Artificial Intelligence team is working to improve access for people with disabilities. As a student, you’ll gain exposure to the latest research and developments that are making an impact in the computer science field.

The Wond’ry

The Wond’ry is a site dedicated to fostering cross-disciplinary innovation at Vanderbilt. Located on campus directly next to the Engineering and Science Building, the space houses studios, workshops and labs where students and faculty from all schools, levels and disciplines can connect to create new technologies and processes that make a difference in people’s lives — on and off campus. The work that happens at the Wond’ry will inform what you learn in your online classes and even research projects that you pursue.

A Top-15 U.S. University According to U.S. News & World Report, There’s No Place Quite Like Vanderbilt2

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The Master’s in Computer Science Curriculum

The online program will prepare you with skills applicable to creative tech careers through a curriculum focused as much on essential computer science knowledge as interdisciplinary and emerging practices.

The program curriculum focuses on the following key subject areas:

Mobile and cloud computing


Distributed systems

Intelligent systems

Software and systems engineering

Computer science theory

Develop Cross-Disciplinary Skills

As you develop your computer science knowledge and skills, you will also have opportunities to push your ideas in new directions through interdisciplinary exploration. Our program allows you to engage with faculty, work closely with other students and conduct your own research across topics.

Related subjects you may explore include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Distributed real-time and embedded middleware
  • Human-systems integration
  • Web applications
  • Model-integrated computing
  • Data science

By exploring areas where computer science intersects with related subjects like health care and medicine, energy and natural resources, security, and entertainment, you will be able to apply the skills you gain to tech positions in your own community.

Learn more and read course descriptions on our Curriculum page.

“Hands-on programming. Hands-on design. Hands-on exercise.”


Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering, on the top three things that make Vanderbilt’s online program unique

Faculty incorporate hands-on exercises into the program, ensuring that you can apply knowledge gained in classes to real-world practice with high-demand, web-based technologies.

As a student, you’ll engage in exercises with native applications on various platforms; languages like Java, Python and JavaScript; and cloud computing and security.


By completing these projects, you’ll graduate from the program with proven expertise that you will compile into a portfolio. This portfolio will consist of exercises and projects on which you have worked, as well as any research you conducted. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to use your portfolio to showcase your abilities to employers.

Master the Essentials — Build Skills for the Future

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Learn from Expert Faculty

Designed and taught by Vanderbilt’s renowned faculty, the program curriculum reflects their direct experiences creating, solving and securing systems. Because our faculty stay on top of the latest computer science developments, you will too.

Graham Hemingway

“The research that we conduct, we definitely bring directly into the courses. All the years I spent designing large-scale, web-based applications — that’s presented in the class.”


Associate Professor

Faculty will also offer guidance if you choose to conduct your own research. As a student, you will be able to explore areas of interest, and Vanderbilt faculty will discuss your ideas and collaborate with you on projects. Like on-campus students, you’ll be able to work directly with an adviser as you conduct research.


To qualify for the online master’s in computer science program, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in computing or a computing-related field in engineering or natural science, or hold a bachelor’s degree in another subject and have significant experience in computer science and programming.

The final deadline for the May 2023 cohort is March 10, 2023.

GRE test scores are not required to apply to the M.S. in computer science program.

Learn more and view a detailed list of application requirements on the Admissions page.

Take the Next Step toward Advancing in the Computer Science Field Today

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An Interactive Online Experience

The master’s in computer science online program will allow you to develop authentic relationships with peers, professors and researchers through live, face-to-face experiences. In this way, the School of Engineering community will serve to inspire and support you throughout the program.

The Online Platform

Weekly online classes are delivered live via HD streaming video. In classes, you’ll discuss and complete exercises with Vanderbilt’s expert faculty and your classmates. You will also have access to dynamic sharing and collaboration tools.

Features and functionality of the online classroom include:

  • Small-group break-out rooms
  • Video and document sharing
  • Live chat, surveys and polls
  • Document annotation
  • Screen-sharing capabilities
  • Full class recording

The online platform and its suite of features is fully accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Through these sophisticated learning management features, you will be able to build applicable skills entirely online, without losing the social and professional connections of an on-campus program.

The Campus Convening

The on-campus convening is a three-day weekend event each Fall that brings online students and program faculty together at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. This experience will serve as an introduction to Vanderbilt University student life and create opportunities for students to immerse themselves into Vanderbilt’s historic campus and everything it has to offer. Newly admitted cohorts will have the opportunity to meet classmates, hear from industry experts and interact with faculty on a personal level.

Careers for Master’s in Computer Science Graduates

The Vanderbilt M.S. in computer science online program’s interdisciplinary curriculum can prepare you for a number of careers in computer science after graduation.

Computer science–related careers and salaries can include the following:3, 4


Computer programmer


Computer network architect


Computer and information systems manager


Information security analyst

More jobs you can pursue after earning your computer science master’s degree include software developer, network security architect, database administrator and computer systems analyst.

If you pursue interdisciplinary studies in the program, you can also employ your skills for solving complex computer science problems outside of traditional technical fields in industries such as consulting, medicine, law and finance.

Pursue Creative Computer Science Jobs

Earn a Vanderbilt M.S. in computer science online. Programming experience is required to apply; GRE waivers are available.