Master’s in Engineering Management Courses

The master of engineering in engineering management online program consists of 30 credits that can be completed over the course of three to six terms. Learn more about the courses you will take as a student in the descriptions below.

Sample Course Sequences

The Accelerated Track can be completed in as little as 12 months over three terms. The Standard Track can be completed in as few as 20 months over five terms.

When choosing the Standard or Accelerated Track, you should also assess whether your course load will be considered full-time or part-time for financial aid purposes. More information can be found on the Financial Aid FAQs.

Standard Track

Term 1 (6 units)

Term 2 (6 units)

Term 3 (6 units)

Term 4 (5 units)

Term 5 (5 units)

Term 6 (2 units)

Accelerated Track

Term 1 (11 Units)

Term 2 (11 Units)

Term 3 (8 Units)

Course Descriptions

ENGM 6200: Technology Forecasting (3 Units)

This course covers methods of forecasting technological advancements and assessing their potential intended and unintended consequences. The course will cover the Delphi method, trend extrapolation, environmental monitoring and scenario development.

ENGM 6100: Strategic Technology Management (3 Units)

This course will prepare students with the skills to assess new opportunities in a business developing technology products, which opportunities to pursue and which to dismiss. The course will cover the stage gate model as a tool for technology and opportunity assessment and the formulation of plans for new product introduction. It will also cover product lifecycle management, intellectual property management and economic analysis.

ENGM 6600: Program and Project Management Strategies (3 Units)

This course will discuss the management of small- to medium-sized projects ($10k to $10M), with some introduction to the management of very large and complex projects. Concepts that will be introduced include the engineering design process, design tools, software-assisted decision-making and professional management skills.

ENGM 6400: Operations & Supply Chain Strategy (3 Units)

This course explores manufacturing and service processes for transforming resources into technology-based products. It will cover strategies and processes for moving information and materials through the supply chain, strategies to support overall firm objectives, product development programs and capacity utilization requirements. The course will also explore manufacturing for flow design and facility layout, service processes, service blueprinting and waiting line analysis for structuring the service encounter; six sigma quality and statistical process control; lean supply chains, logistics, distribution and global sourcing; and enterprise resource planning, inventory management and materials requirement planning.

ENGM 6700: Intellectual Property for Engineers and Scientists (3 Units)

This course offers an assessment of intellectual property law for a technical, non-legal audience. It will cover different forms of IP protection (e.g., trademark, copyright, patents), with a primary focus on patents. The course will discuss the use of intellectual property on business strategy and how those concepts affect business and technology development decisions. Additionally, the course will discuss open source and its impact, as well as practical legal considerations and broader policy questions.

ENGM 6800: Finance & Accounting (3 Units)

This course will cover capital budgeting, time value of money, cost of capital and financial statement presentations, and capital formation for technology based firms. Students will learn about sample debt and equity financings, leases and hybrid forms of capital. The course will explore financial accounting and reporting, financial metrics, sources of financial information, financial statement analysis, taxation of business income, financial modeling, asset-based line of credit and working capital management.

ENGM 6500: Applied Leadership in Engineering Management (3 Units)

Students will learn to apply core principles of leadership and program management as engineering professionals. The course will cover strategic planning, people management, staffing, compensation, business process improvement theory, business interruption, leadership styles, emotional intelligence, negotiation and ethical business practices.

ENGM 7897, 7898 & 7899: Master of Engineering Project (6 Units)

Students in this course will apply engineering management concepts to analyze, design or redesign, and improve complex business systems. Through this course, they will learn process mapping, stakeholder analysis, business process performance metric development, solution development (including use case and requirement analysis), concluding with a change management plan and showcase presentation.

ENGM 6300: Marketing of Technology Products (3 Units)

This course covers key aspects of marketing strategy formulation and implementation including customer needs assessment, targeting and positioning strategies in a competitive market. It will discuss the marketing of goods and services to businesses, management of the field sales force, distribution channel development and maintenance, development of new industrial products, and pricing and promotion decisions. The course will also cover aspects of marketing technology products on a global scale.

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